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Nuclear Medicine


GE Millenium

GE Millennium MG

Nuclear Medicine

  • Static, dynamic, whole body (WB), multi-gated cardiac, tomographic, and gated tomographic nuclear medicine procedures
  • The MG gantry allows the detectors to be oriented in the 180° and 101.25° orientations.
  • 3-axis universal imaging table, a
  • GENIE® Acquisition station
  • Dual Digital CSE™ detectors, and high-performance collimators. 
GE Ventri

GE Ventri

Nuclear Medicine

  • Automated workflow
  • Ergonomic patient accessories
  • Easy patient accessibility
  • Compact footprint
  • Small detector heads; patient has clear view throughout scan
  • Memorized previous scan parameters
  • Two SFOV high-resolution detectors
  • LEHR collimators
  • Scan modes: supine, prone, and DextroCardia
  • Dedicated acquisition station
  • Digital real-time corrections for excellent image quality
  • Operator-selectable preset energy correction sets
  • System footprint: 10 feet x 8 feet
  • 70cm diameter ring gantry accommodates patients up to 440 pounds
  • 2-axis imaging table up to 6’ 7” patient length
  • Fixed 90º detectors geometry
  • Energy range: 40-200 keV per detector
GE Infinia

GE Infinia

Nuclear Medicine

  • All-digital, high-resolutions Elite detectors
  • Cardiac and Whole-Body Capabilities
  • Large Field of View Detectors: 21.25” x 15.75” LFOV
  • 59 Photomultiplier Tubes (PMT) per detector
  • Real-time automatic body contouring which minimizes detector distance to the patient
  • Room Size Requirements: Minimum 12’8” x 18’0” – Ideal 13’2” x 19’8”
  • Table Patient Weight Limit: 440 Pounds
  • GE Xeleris Processing Computer
GE Infinia Hawkeye

GE Infinia Hawkeye

Nuclear Medicine

  • Slip-ring gantry enables continuous multiple tomographic rotations in the same direction
  • Externally mounted detectors, with flexible positioning for all major studies
  • Adjustable scanning radius for both 90 degree and 180 degree SPECT scans Elite digital dual detectors
  • Crystal thickness – 3/8 in./9.5 mm
  • 59 high quantum efficiency PMT’s – each coupled with one ADC per PMT
  • Extra large, rectangular FOV: 540 mm x 400 mm
  • Elite digital dual detectors



Siemens E-Cam

Nuclear Medicine

  • The dual head variable angle enables 180-degree, 90-degree and 76-degree detector positions
  • Large Field of View Detectors: 21” x 15.25” LFOV
  • 59 Photomultiplier Tubes (PMT) per detector
  • Siemens E.Soft Processing Computer
  • Small footprint that fits most labs
  • Comfortable reclining chair that supports patients up to 450 pounds

Siemens Symbia

Nuclear Medicine

  • Energy-independent performance via high-definition digital detectors
  • Proprietary collimator design for uniform septal walls and higher sensitivity
  • Infrared body-contour system minimizes patient-to-detector distance for optimal image quality
  • Reduce dose and maintain image quality
  • 101 cm x 78 cm (40.2 in x 30.7 in) opening for greater patient comfort, regardless of size
  • Detector tilt and versatile configurations adjust to virtually any study and patient type
  • Intuitive touch-screen interface
  • High-weight capacity accommodates bariatric patients; rear-bed support eliminates pallet flex
  • Fast patient setup enhances workflow efficiency

Siemens C-Cam

Nuclear Medicine



Philips Cardio MD

Nuclear Medicine

  • Smallest focal spot
  • UFC detector
  • Higher number of effective detector channels
  • Small gantry geometry
  • Potential for dose reduction with CARE Dose4D
  • Significant dose reduction or image quality improvement with IRIS*
  • Patient breathing indicator for improved patient breath-hold
  • Streamlined workflow with CT storage box
  • Remote access with syngo Expert-i
  • Freedom of movement for faster intervention
  • Increased efficiency with linked database between scanner and workstation, fast reconstruction, and WorkStream 4D

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