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Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta EXA

Konica Minolta


  • Server-Side Rendering means the server is doing all the work instead of each individual workstation
  • DICOM data does not need to transmit to each workstation because it is all done at the server
  • PET, Mammo and large volume CT exams open immediately.
  • You can now immediately receive all relevant data that is desired by the physician, rather than prefetching all data and slowing connection speeds.
  • Server-Side Rendering enables system speed regardless of the larger file sizes from newer acquisition modalities.
  • Zero Footprint Viewer
  • Multi-Monitor Configuration
  • Performance Dashboards
  • Custom Workflow Design


Fuse Pacs

EvoHealth Fuse 


  • Fuse is a powerful web-based radiology information system that suits radiology and imaging departments in hospitals and imaging centers
  • Fuse handles patient scheduling, admittance, billing and accounting
  • Inventory and material management
  • Fuse is integrated with Mireport software to help in writing reports quickly and professionally.
  • Enterprise solution
  • Supports multi-site connectivity and integration with other systems (PACS/HIS).

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