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Portable X-Ray Systems


GE AMX 4 X-Ray System

GE AMX 4 Plus

Portable X-Ray

  • MX-75 275k HU X-ray tube with a .75mm focal spot
  • GE AMX-IV collimator
  • High-quality image
  • Forward and reverse variable speed
  • Completely mobile
  • LED display
  • Operates at full power with no power connection
  • 24 kVp stations
  • 30 mAs stations
  • 100 mA constant
  • kVp 50 – 125
  • mAs 0.4 – 320
GE AMX 700 X-Ray System

GE AMX 770

Portable X-Ray

  • 70 kVp
  • 7 mA
  • 0.6mm focal point
  • Digital compatible
  • Electronic timer provides accuracy
  • Automatic line voltage compensation
  • Long cone available (optional)
  • Remote mount control panel available (optional)
  • 74″ arm reach
GE AMX 220 X-Ray System

GE AMX 220

Portable X-Ray

  • Battery operated
  • Dual-motor drive
  • Self-stopping bumper
  • Dose area product meter
  • Hand switch
  • Extendable telescopic arm for tube placement
  • Display, technique, and image acquisition tools in single integrated user interface
  • Lightweight digital detector enclosure, designed for mobile use
  • Attachable tether and detector holder for digital detector
  • Allows technicians to make and process exposures while unit is charging
  • Stand-by mode eliminates boot up cycles, allows exposures within 25 seconds



Rad Pro Portable


  • Counter-balanced telescopic tube column provides effortless positioning, without draining the battery
  • Lead crystal batteries retain power longer than acid batteries for less frequent recharging
  • Patented wireless distributed antennae system can increase wireless range 40% over single access point systems
  • Secondary drive controls on the collimator handles allow positioning without the need to return to the main console
  • Collimator features an LED bulb, laser alignment markers for SID accuracy, and selectable copper filtration
  • The battery sets charge through a standard power outlet and can be used while charging, avoiding downtime
  • Dual battery configuration allows for distributed power to the drive motors, as well as the generator
  • Integrates with choice of one or two Canon CXDI 401C/701C/801C wireless flat panel detectors



Dragon Portable X-


  • Powerful 100 mA, 125 kVp
  • 4 kW or 8 kW HF Generator
  • LED collimator
  • Exceptional arm mobility
  • Active collimator light from 4 locations
  • Fractional focal spot tube for greater detail


Rayence DPX X-Ray

DPX Portable


  • Max Output Power: 2.7 KW
  • Generator Frequency: 70 KHz
  • KV Range: 40-100kV
  • mA Range: 12-30 mA
  • Input Voltage: 100/220V
  • Phase/Frequency: Single / 50-60 HZ
  • Width: 26”
  • Height: 52 ¾”
  • Depth: 38 ⅞”
  • Weight: w/ DR panel: 100 lbs. 

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